Bah-Humbug or Merry Christmas?


Jolly Christmas carols, plum pudding, and decorations. In this festive story, the main character Ebenezer Scrooge learns that there is more to life than money, and just how wonderful Christmas really is. On the night of Christmas Eve, the spirits of Christmas future, past, and present visit Scrooge and show him what life once was, is, and will be if he doesn’t change himself. He spends his days counting money in his shop, not even bothering to be kind to his only nephew. If he listens to the spirits, he can avoid spending his after-life in chains like his partner Marley.

When the performance starts, a crowd of villagers engages in harmonious carols. The surrounding props depict a town with tiny shops and lights that really capture the time period. The scenes were wonderfully accompanied by little details like a live orchestra and festive choreography that emitted a homey and cozy feel. As the scenes changed, the props were switched in a timely fashion and the stage crew was barely visible; the props and backdrops just floated off and on it seemed. One thing about the setting change that was cool was the bed used for Ebenezer. A motor moved the bed, and strings were used to pull the smaller pieces off stage, enhancing the overall smooth and professional transitions.

Even though a Christmas Carol is considered a musical, the dialogue was perfectly balanced with singing and dancing. The various costumes worn by the cast members really showed the audience what life was like, and also other factors like language and character actions. One scene the performers wore long flowing fur coats, and in the next, lavish floor length gowns. Even with all this change however, the theme of being kind and appreciating life are constant, making the whole production a truly inspiring Christmas treat.

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