A Reason to Live For


BodyTraffic, a dance company originating from Los Angeles, graced the Zeiterion stage this past weekend. The performance featured three different pieces that kept the audience well involved. The three pieces included And at Midnight the Green Bride floated Through the Village Square, Dust, and Ode2Joy.

    The first piece, And at Midnight the Green Bride floated Through the Village Square, revolved around the story of a couple’s tension that strikes curiosity for all surrounding   neighbors.The piece featured different Jewish love songs and hymns, centering around the story of the couple. While some of the dances contained a dark mood, there were still elements of light humor that balanced the piece nicely. Small amounts of speech were added to add complexity to the piece, carrying different interpretations for the audience to decide. The first piece entertained the audience while allowing them to look into deeper concepts. The performance was then interrupted by a fire drill, but the procedure ran smoothly. With coordination from everyone in the theatre and proper routine from the Zeiterion staff and fire department, the performance was back in 15 minutes.

The next piece, Dust, was written, musically composed, and choreographed by one person. Hofesh Shechter, creator of this piece, uses different elements to engulf the audience in the performance. Using minimal staging and simplistic costumes allowed the performance focus to remain on the performers and their movements. The performance contained jagged movement, creating a morbid tone right away. The morbid tone created a real sense of raw feelings throughout the audience. At one moment, the music intentionally stopped, creating a moment of silence throughout the theatre. One sole voice began to repeat a phrase “Everyone has something to live for. Everyone has something to die for.” The extreme simplicity of that moment kept the audience entertained at all times during the performance. While the piece left the audience with a feeling of raw emotion, the next performance after the pause created a sense of fun for the audience.

    The last piece, Ode2Joy, featured different songs from the 50s and 60s that charmed the audience with a feeling of nostalgia and fun. Throughout the performance there were also elements of light humor, creating numerous giggles throughout the audience. While this piece had more elements of fun, the dances were based off ballet technique and still involved intricate footwork from the dancers. The dancers showed a large amount of skill, being able to transform throughout three very different performances. The BodyTraffic company used three very different styles of dance that created a strong feeling of culture, emotion, and overall entertainment.

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