The Christmas Spirit Comes to New Bedford


A Christmas Carol has been a national hit since it’s novel release in 1843. Charles Dickens used this piece to rekindle the true meaning of Christmas with the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Though the story has been transitioned into a stage production, A Christmas Carol continues to charm audiences with its heartwarming story and breathtaking production.

Throughout the production, the audience is captivated by the intricate staging. The story occurs within the streets of London. The streets of London are beautifully illustrated with a large toy store, a bakery, and Scrooge’s office. While the streets are filled with joy from the people of London, inside Scrooge’s office is dimly lit with small candle light. Similar to that, Scrooge’s bedroom is dimly lit until the different ghosts visit him. Every scene throughout the show entices the audience with snow, beautiful lighting, and other stage techniques that highlight the tone of the story.

The character of Ebenezer Scrooge illustrates the true meaning of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge humors the audience throughout the story with his grumpy, miserable manner. As the story evolves, Scrooge changes to become a better man. The three different ghosts emphasize his real problems and reveal Scrooge to the audience at a deeper level. Scrooge begins to regret the decisions of his past, notice the present problems bigger than himself, and hope to change the future. Ebenezer appeals to the hearts of everyone as they see him grow into a changed man.

The story of A Christmas Carol was beautifully illustrated in this production. The dancing and singing were effortless and held the attention of all ages with the variety. The music ranged from classical ballads to upbeat folk songs and kept the audience entertained. Each character captured their role perfectly and allowed the audience to see the true meaning of A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol will continue to warm the hearts of all with this beautiful stage production.

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