Is it a Dealbreaker? Nah, just a Flashdance!


From the big screen to the stage! The story of steel mill worker, dance enthusiast Alex Owens is beautifully portrayed in the new live rendition of Flashdance. With songs you know and love from the 80’s like What a Feeling, I Love Rock N’ Roll, and Maniac it’s a musical performance you practically know all the words to. The musical has a very warm vibe and a story that is easy to understand. The overall message is clear; follow your dreams.   

The production has adult content that’d be a bit much for certain age groups. In my opinion the addition of some of the mature matters only added to the shows appeal. Before concern of content, this show is full of difficult dance numbers, and the cast killed it; they were maniacs on the floor. Leading lady, Julia Macchio does a wonderful job of dancing and adopting the role of Alex.

Alongside with her fellow performers there is a beautiful clash of classical ballet and hip hop styles. The cast as a whole was very focused despite some technical difficulties, and I applaud them more for it. There are no small parts in theatre, and all of the actors and actresses left their best on the stage. The lines were clever and there were a decent amount of quips in there that can be appreciated by all. Flashdance the musical is a lovely experience and leaves you aglow with quite the feeling.  

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