What a Feeling!


Flashdance: The Musical was a fun and entertaining show based on the hit 80’s movie, Flashdance. The musical follows Alex Owens, a welder by day and a dancer by night, with dreams of getting into a prestigious dance school. The show incorporated all of the hit songs from the movie such as “What A Feeling”, “Maniac”, “Manhunt”, etc. The show also had all of the iconic moments from the movie like the water dance scene and the audition scene, which were spectacularly reenacted.

The musical featured Julia Macchio as Alex Owens. Julia was a fantastic vocalist. Her powerful voice wowed the audience during her ballads. Her final dance in the audition scene was really a showstopper, resembling the emotion and skill of the scene in the movie. Julia’s dancing was one of the most memorable moments of the show. Alex Owens was an independent and audacious character whose quips and remarks left the audience laughing many times. Every actor and actress had great vocal chops and the mixture of voices during group numbers sounded beautiful. Unfortunately, during some songs, there were troubles with the sound system that made the mics make loud noises, so it was quite distracting. After Act 1, they seemed to have resolved the issue because there were barely any sound issues after that.

The whole audience was engaged during the famous songs from the movie. These songs were dispersed throughout the musical, along with original songs made for the stage production. There were some extremely catchy original songs such as “Put It On”, which was sung by two dancers at the club Alex worked at and Harry, the owner of the club. I still find myself humming this tune in my head sometimes. Some songs were more memorable than others, but overall, Flashdance: The Musical was a very well put together show.

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