Flashdance: The Musical


On Friday, November 27, 2015, I was fortunate enough to attend Flashdance the musical. This story inspires dreamers everywhere when a girl working as a steel mill welder during the day continues to follow her dreams to be a dancer. This inspiring story not only emphasizes the importance of following your dreams but incorporates a love interest as well.

Although this popular story was a hit in the 80’s I was naive and uncultured on this narrative, besides the brief synopsis given within the pamphlet, going into this performance. However, from the beginning of the performance opening with the spark of a welding machine upon a sea of darkness to the end, I was entirely mesmerized. Between the wonderfully constructed backdrop, which with the use of a projector was able to create a variety of settings, and the multi-talented cast members, this show became the one of most memorable performance I have ever seen.

As I sat in the theatre upon a slew of many others I forgot where I was as I watched this story unfold. The dance numbers were well choreographed and each and every dancer was in tune with one another. Not to mention the way Julia Macchio slid through each note in her repertoire with such ease not missing a beat. And even when the sound system faltered slightly each performer stayed fully consumed within their character without any hesitations.

Although I have not been to a Broadway performance in my life, I dare to say the talent and quality of this performance made me feel as if I was at such a show and if anyone has the opportunity to see this play, I strongly recommend your attendance.

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