Flashdance: A Dance Worth Remembering


Mill worker by day, club dancer by night, this high powered and inspirational performance takes the audience on an amazing journey through the life of young Alex Owens. Alex Owens is a beautiful young girl who lives in Pittsburgh,and survives on her hard work at a steel mill. Her dreams of one day becoming a professional performer are complicated when romance with her boss, Nick Hurley, interferes with her plans.

When the lights turn on the stage, they reveal the clearly depicted setting of a steel mill, with characters holding blow torches, wearing dirty and torn overalls, and yelling across the stage at other characters. Moments later the main character, Alex Owens, appears, and the first of many wonderful and unique songs starts. It shows the friendships of the workers, and how life is at the mill.

Throughout the show, the actresses and actors continued to perform with spontaneous musical numbers that brought the whole show alive. And even though this is a musical , the singing/dancing and the dialogue were perfectly balanced. And sprinkled into the act was a bit of mature content, but added humor and meaning. It added a layer of characterization to the performance . With every new scene,came a new innovative setting , and a new feeling.  Some scenes brought forth feelings of sympathy and sadness, while others the happiness that comes from relationships. As I watched Alex go through her good and bad days, I felt like I was living her life alongside her .

Every character has his or her highlight in a solo performance , but what especially caught my attention was the duet performance between the two main characters , Nick and Alex . It was juicy with true emotion and gave the audience a chance to reflect on everything that had happened at this point in the performance.

As the show goes on, Alex gets involved not only in a romantic relationship with her boss,  but in the drama of her night club shutting down.  After work, she can dance her heart out, and get one step closer to becoming a professional dancer . But one day a rival club opens up and because of lack of money,  the nightclub she cherishes will shut down. While she battles the emotional struggles of the poor nightclub business,  she must also tackle her romance with Nick, and try to get into the auditions for the prestigious ballet school.

The performance as a whole was like an exhilarating rollercoaster full of emotion, love and passion. Alex teaches the audience to never give up and to follow your dreams, just like she did. The emotion surrounds you, and when you realize the show is done, you are yearning for more. The whole production was inspirational and I would definitely come and see it again! As the cast took their final bow,  they received a full standing ovation, and the faces of the audience lit up with smiles,  a truly amazing thing to see.

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