Bringing Back an Eighties Hit


The musical hit Flashdance hit theatres in 1983, dazzling audiences with the energetic dance moves and upbeat songs. Flashdance: The Musical, does not fail to amaze the audience with the same great energy and musical drive. While elements of the story are different, the musical contains the same classic hits that captivate the audience with their intricate dance moves.

The musical revolves around the story of Alex Owens, an ordinary mill worker with an extraordinary talent. Alex is driven by her passion for dance, which influences her to try to become a professional dancer. Alex, played by Julia Macchio , captivates the audience with her sassy personality and energetic movements. Macchio’s edgy voice carries many of the popular songs from the show, engaging the audience with her electric sound. She captures the classic movie’s character’s element of a free spirit with courage that sparked a love in audiences internationally.

The audience is mesmerized throughout the story by several different theatrical elements. Large flashing light displays sparkle among the simplistic factory setting that is transformed into the bar that Alex performs at. Performers wear flashy costumes that are breathtaking under the bold light setting, dazzling the audience. The musical is filled with several amazing dancers, blending the forms of classic ballet and upbeat modern styles to allow audiences to see the mix of music culture in the story. Alex’s friends Gloria and Hannah are excellent dancers, performing classic hits such as”Maniac” that add their own personal stories to the performance.

    Julia Macchio does an excellent job presenting the audience with a heartfelt desire for Alex to succeed. Her character’s personal struggles and willpower to go for her dreams represent the show’s overall theme that anything is possible with courage. Alex’s spunky characteristics create a personal connection in the audience that leaves everyone breathtaken by her stunning finale dance. Flashdance is a classic hit that was excellently transformed into a captivating musical.

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