Flashiest Dance in Town


You may know this story from the movie or maybe from when it went on tour. No matter how you know Flashdance:The Musical, you know that it’s an incredible story. Right off the bat, the audience was swept off their feet with an incredible song and dance combination from inside a Pittsburgh steel mill, where the main character, Alex Owens, works. By day, Alex is surrounded by men, doing a man’s job, and, for the most part, trying to fit in with all her co-workers, men. By night, though, Alex is a bar dancer at a local night club. The audience learns right away that Alex has bigger and better dreams for herself. She wants to be a professional dancer at a prestigious dance academy.

Throughout the first half first half of the show you see how Alex is struggling to balance her day job, night job, and free time. Alex and her boss, Nick, do begin dating and it appears that they really care for each other and are both very supportive of each other. But, at one point you see Nick, a wealthy boss at the steel mill, gives some money to the person auditioning Alex at the dance academy. Inevitably, Alex finds out about Nick’s bribery and is very angry, understandably. They break up. One of the most iconic parts of the whole musical, and one of the most famous parts of the show, occurred at the end of the first act. Alex was on stage by herself, then she sat in a black chair on the stage and…bam…water came pouring down on her.

During the second half, the focus turned mainly to Alex and her audition at the dance academy. One of my favorite characters in the musical was Hannah. In the second half, Hannah helped Alex prepare her dance for her audition. Unfortunately, you see that Hannah begins to become sick and ends up passing away just before Alex’s audition. This loss for Alex really hits her hard, but makes her push herself even harder to succeed and get into the dance academy. In the end, Alex’s courage to do what she loves and perform the style of dance she loves pays off. She gets into the elite dance academy. The last scene of the musical shows Alex, right after her audition and acceptance to the dance academy. She goes to meet Nick and he gives her flowers and congratulates her on her good news.

Throughout the musical you could see that Alex’s determination was ongoing and consistent. Alex didn’t let anyone stop her from following her dreams. She realized what she really wanted to do and didn’t let anyone or anything influence her hopes and dreams. The only thing that could have been a little different was that it seemed that there were a lot of different plots going on at the same time, which I found confusing at some points. Overall, the musical was really enjoyable, the singing and acting were incredible, and it was all very relatable.

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