Edith Piaf’s Life Through Song


One hundred years ago, in two months, one of the most iconic French singers during World War II was born. Her breathtaking and awe-inspiring music was based on what she witnessed in her personal life and the world around her. Having one of the most brilliant voices I’ve ever heard, this is Edith Piaf. The show “Piaf! Le Spectacle” is Edith Piaf’s life through song. This amazing show started off with a unique quote from Edith herself and a magnificent accordion solo. Throughout the show, Anne Carrere, natively from Southern France, kept reminding the audience just how spectacular and meaningful Edith Piaf’s songs were and still are. The first half of the show focused on Edith’s life before she became famous and the second half was focused on her life after she became famous. Also, in the background of the stage, there were pictures corresponding with what each song was about, which was helpful since all of the songs were in French.

The woman playing Edith Piaf, Anne Carrere, interacted with the audience many times; which I thought was one of the most touching parts of the whole show. In multiple parts of the second half, Anne also had “sing-alongs” with the audience too, which caused the audience to erupt with singing; it livened up the whole show! With every song Anne sang, her spectacular voice filled the room. I have been to many concerts of all types, yet, this was the first and only time I’ve ever gotten chills by someone’s singing. It was that powerful! No matter if it was a slow song or an upbeat and lively song; there was no lack of amazement. Also, towards the end of the performance, after singing a very emotional song about all of Edith’s marital relationships, Anne was overcome with emotion and even began crying after the song was over. I found this very personable. She also went to the front row and grabbed an old man out of his chair and danced and sang with him which I found very unique and touching.

One message that echoed throughout the show was nostalgia. I felt that all of the songs were thinking/reminiscing on Edith’s life. This makes sense because her songs were based on what was going on in her life/lifetime. This was one of my favorite singing performances I’ve ever seen. You’d think that having very few songs in English would be a down fall, but it just forced me to use my imagination even more than usual. Throughout the show, I was incredibly impressed by Anne Carrere’s voice and how he incredibly conveyed Edith Piaf’s emotion through song.


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