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Dance Discovery!

Dance Barre – It’s like a book group for dance!
You’re invited to gather on The Z Stage to hear dance experts, watch video performances, and have a glass of wine!

Dance Barre Jessica Lang Dance

Get ready for Jessica Lang Dance performance!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ballet has a reputation for being pristine and prim, but many dances are improvisational, chaotic and over-the-top, and the choreographic processes that create them are basically bonkerballs. Join Brown University professor, Sydney Skybetter, for a journey through ballet history to our contemporary moment, with digressions on the proper use of swords, why miming is the worst, how ballet stages were death traps until the 1980s and why choreographer Jessica Lang may be our best hope for the future of the artform. 

Guest Speaker: Sydney Skybetter

Sydney Skybetter is an award-winning choreographer, producer and lecturer on dance history and cultural futurism, most recently seen at Harvard University, South by Southwest Interactive, and TEDx. He is a Public Humanities Fellow and faculty member at Brown University and the founder of the Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces. 

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Get ready for Moscow Festival Ballet’s performance of  Sleeping Beauty!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What’s it like to be a professional ballerina? What are payoffs and sacrifices? Russian trained ballerina Katie Moorhead takes us behind the ballet curtain.  “The life of a ballerina, to many, is seen as pure beauty.  No matter the role, there is an expression of the soul within the movement, and it is simply beautiful to watch.  But many do not know what happens behind the scenes.  The blood, sweat and tears of a ballerina are not seen when the curtain opens, all inner turmoil is hidden away. At times, a dancer’s life is can be a mix of pure determination and pain.  No matter the restrictions, complications or sacrifices, the ballerina’s love of dance that rings true in the end.”

Guest Speaker: Ballerina Katie Moorhead

KATIE MOORHEAD’s dance career began at 15 with Russian Ballet Theater, DE.  She has worked with numerous ballet and contemporary companies along the East Coast. As an honors graduate from the Kirov Academy of Washington D.C., she joined Art’s Ballet Theatre of Florida and received an Honorable Merit Diploma from the Tersiphora Foundation of St. Petersburg, Russia. Katie has enjoyed performing in many beautiful countries such as Denmark, Poland, Italy, and Australia and Kazahkstan. In NYC, she was the Rehearsal Director for Untitled-Collective and a ballet substitute at Alvin Ailey Extension Program. Katie is currently a dancer with Island Moving Company, and the owner of, and trainer at,

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Join fellow dance lovers on a day-long trip to Jacob’s Pillow Dance, lauded world-wide as a “hub and mecca of dance” (TIME). We’ll take a motor coach from The Z to the Berkshires, where we’ll enjoy several performances, a guided tour and the beautiful surroundings.

We’ll see…
Royal Danish Ballet
Praised as “a masterclass in style” (The Guardian), principals and soloists of the Royal Danish Ballet return…(read more)
Ragamala Dance Company“Soulful, imaginative, and rhythmically contagious” (The New York Times)… (read more)

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