Cinema New Bedford


Reigniting the rich history of cinema in downtown New Bedford!

Cinema New Bedford showcases incredible films from around the world that tell great stories from a wide range of perspectives. Join us in-person for collective viewing experiences that entertain and expand, with Q&As and post-show discussions to deepen our engagement with the films and to build community and connection.

Cinema New Bedford happens year-round, with weekly screenings that make up different series such as “Beyond the Binary” in June, “Festival Favorites” in July and “Generation Kick-Ass” in September.

This new program is curated by Mocha James Herrup, PhD, (they/them), founder of the New Bedford Film Society. Mocha James draws from their work as a film professor, arts and culture writer, and film festival programmer to bring films to New Bedford that audiences might not otherwise get to experience. Read more about Cinema New Bedford and related events here.

Based on demand and eased restrictions, this event is now in-person only. You will receive an e-ticket via email immediately after purchase that can be printed or displayed on a mobile device. Please note: capacity is limited to 100 tickets. Ushers will seat your group, or pod, based on availability and in adherence to social distance guidelines. Limit of 6 tickets per pod. Well-fitting masks covering both nose and mouth are required unless actively drinking while in your seat.

Beyond The Binary

June: playful, joyous and sometimes genre-defying films from the gender frontier, in partnership with South Coast LGBTQ+ Network

June 29: SO PRETTY
(Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli, 2019, France/USA, 83 min)

Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli’s sophomore feature examines a tight-knit group of trans and genderqueer artists, writers, activists, living intertwined lives in Brooklyn. It traces the couplings that form and are quietly strained as the group attempts to carve out a utopian space for themselves in an increasingly hostile world. After its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, So Pretty has gained acclaim and following from around the world. Featuring Q&A with director-actor Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli!

Beyond the Binary brought to you by

South Coast LGBTQ+ Network
Best Of The Fest

July: Carefully curated series of festival favorites from Sundance, SXSW, Cannes & more

(Pacho Velez, 2021, USA; 81 min)

Premiering at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, Searchers is a humorous and touching documentary about dating in the age of apps. The film beautifully cinematic as it follows a wide range of people across age, race, class, and sexuality as they search for their special someone. Featuring Q&A with director Pacho Velez!

(Marion Hill, 2021, USA, 95 min)

Winner of an audience award at Sundance, director Marion Hill’s debut feature is a sumptuous film set in the French countryside about a polyamorous triad navigating their complicated connections. With its subtle and complex script and beautiful visuals, this just might be the best representation of polyamory since Jules and Jim, combining an André Téchiné sensuality with a millennial driven fluidity around relationships and sexuality.

(Chloé Zhao, 2015, USA, 98 min)

Set in the Badlands of South Dakota on the Pine Ridge reservation, Chloé Zhao’s award-winning first feature, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, displays her gift for capturing the rugged beauty of rural America. Johnny is a handsome Lakota high school senior who dreams of moving to Los Angeles, but his strong bond with his younger sister complicates his decision. Zhao has since made history as the first Asian woman (and second woman!) to win an Oscar for Best Director for Nomadland.

(Posy Dixon, 2020, Canada; 63 min) 

As a sci-fi obsessed woman living in near isolation, Beverly Glenn-Copeland wrote and self-released Keyboard Fantasies back in 1986. Three decades on, the musician – now Glenn Copeland – began to receive emails from people across the world who recently discovered the album. Half aural-visual history, half DIY tour-video, the film provides a vehicle for our newly appointed queer elder to connect with youth across the globe. Winner of Hot Docs Audience Award 2020, directed by Posy Dixon. Featuring live discussion with Dr. Stephan Pennington, Professor of Musicology and Black History, Tufts, following the film.

Coming to Cinema New Bedford

Generation Kick Ass – films about young people courageously and defiantly changing the world.


Elections Films



These Thems
(Gretchen Wylder, Jett Garrison, & Sophia Clark; 2019, USA, 4 episodes; 40 min)
Winner of the Audience Award at Frameline and listed as the best of queer TV by The Guardian, These Thems is a delightful and captivating ensemble series about gender non-conformity and various queer identities. NewsFests says it “puts the LGBTQ + community in the driver’s seat, showing what can happen when we’re allowed to tell our own stories on television.” Featuring Gretchen Wylder, Vico Ortiz, Shaan Dasani, Nick Park, and T.L. Thompson. Featuring a Q&A with creator and star Gretchen Wylder and director Jett Garrison!

Lego Harry Potter and the Transgender Witch: A Parody Adventure
(Logan Ellis, 2021, USA 4 episodes, 36 min)
While many struggle to reconcile a beloved childhood classic with its outspoken anti-trans creator, a group of artists from Kent, WA, have decided to re-write and re-fashion the Harry Potter universe, and WOW, do they get it right. Follow the adventures of Quincy Blueburger and Hogwart’s first-ever transgender student. Featuring  Q&A with director Logan Ellis and cast member Donato Fatuesi, voice of Quincy Blueburger!


(Directed by Pablo García Pérez de Lara & Marc Serena, 2015, Spain & Cape Verde, 94 min; in Cape Verdean creole with English subtitles.)
Tchindas is a tender vision of the inclusive community on São Vicente, Cape Verde’s second-most-populous island. Shot verité-style during the preparations for Carnival, it showcases an island that is a true exception for the way trans people are respected. Winner of a Grand Jury award at Outfest LA and Best Documentary at Chicago Reeling. Featuring a pre-recorded Q&A with Tchinda, star of the film, followed by a live discussion with Carlos Almeida, Professor of Portuguese Language and Cape Verde specialist.

(Chase Joynt & Aisling Chin-Yee, 2020, Canada, 83 min)
A truly groundbreaking and innovative vision from Canadian filmmakers Chase Joynt and Aisling Chin-Yee, No Ordinary Man beautifully explores the life of the legendary transgender jazz musician, Billy Tipton, and his continued legacy. A who’s who of trans artists, actors, and academics, including Susan Stryker, Zackary Drucker, Marquise Vilson, and Jamison Green, help to unpack complex questions of history and identity with immediacy and empathy. Winner of this year’s Best Documentary at Boston’s WickedQueer Film Festival. Featuring Q&A with writer Amos Mac and cast member Marquise Vilsón!

(Cássio Pereira dos Santos; 2020, Brazil, 95 min.; in Portuguese with English subtitles)
An endearing coming-of-age film from Brazil, Valentina stars trans YouTube influencer Thiessa Woinbackk in her feature film debut for which she received an Outstanding Performance Award at Outfest LA. When Valentina must move to the countryside, it’s uncertain how she will fit in at her new school. Challenges and dangers persist, but with the help of newfound friends, Valentina learns how to thrive, not just survive. Featuring Q&A with director Cásssio P. Santos and lead actress Thiessa Woinbackk!