The Boy Who Grew Flowers for Schools




$5 / $10 (per student)

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“A magical story celebrating individualism.”


Even though The Z is on a brief intermission, students can still attend a SchoolTime show! Join us for this stunning visual performance based on the beloved children’s book, The Boy Who Grew Flowers.

Before the show begins, students can create paper bag puppets. Led by The Z’s Education Team, kids will craft their own puppet and discuss how to explore emotions through creative play before diving into the video presentation.

The presentation of The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a previously-recorded live stage production from Treehouse Shakers. It follows the story of a young boy, Rink Bowagon, who lives on top of Lonesome Mountain with his unusual family of rattlesnake tamers and shape-shifters. The townspeople agree that Rink’s family are quite strange, but they are unaware of Rink’s spectacular gifts. Whenever the moon is full, Rink sprouts beautiful flowers from his head. When a new girl, Angelina, moves to town, Rink’s life truly begins to grow. Incorporating puppetry, original music, and movement, The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a thoughtful and magical story that lends itself to themes of diversity, creating empathy and celebrating individualism.

This performance is geared for kids ages 5-10. It’s adapted from Barefoot Book’s picture book by Jen Wojtowicz, play adaption by Mara McEwin and choreographed by Emily Bunning. It is also available for families on June 4. Click here for details.

Teachers can purchase tickets for their entire class, or alternatively, students can purchase individually. Please note: the purchaser will be emailed the link to view the performance using Zoom from any device.

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