The following programs are part of The Z's Artsbridge initiative which thematically links mainstage and Schooltime performances, community events and cross-sector partnerships.

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ArtsBridge is one of The Z’s audience development strategies to strengthen and connect our three programming pillars: performance, education and community. ArtsBridge uses a theme to link our programs with cross-sector collaborations and community partnerships. By doing so, The Z engages our community with the arts in a deeper way than any of our programming pillars can do alone. ArtsBridge addresses two of our key organizational goals: to present a broad range of the highest caliber national and international performing artists and programs that speak to the diversity, needs and interests of our community; and to encourage and enrich young people and the community’s participation, experience and understanding of the world, the arts and creativity. While each of our programming pillars individually has an impact, when we build bridges between them, The Z and the arts can galvanize the community in common purpose.

Components of ArtsBridge typically include Mainstage and SchoolTime performance(s), cross-sector partnerships, post-performance talk backs, exhibits, our Page to Stage book club, and artist-led masterclasses, lec/dems or workshops.